Scholastic News is the only current events and nonfiction magazine specifically designed for the fourth-grade classroom. Each beautiful, full-color issue features concise informational texts that are as compelling as they are complex. Support materials like writing prompts and challenging core questions help you use each engaging text to develop the close reading skills required by Common Core and state standards. With digital learning tools like videos, Text-to-Speech audio read-alouds, printable skills sheets, and games, Scholastic News is so much more than a magazine. It’s a complete print and digital program for the fourth-grade classroom!


Digital Learning with Scholastic News

Digital Editions

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Excellent for whole-class instruction, these full online versions of the magazine feature additional interactive learning tools that strengthen students’ skills and help them master each text.


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Deepen exposure to topics featured in the issue with captivating videos that bring the text to life.

Bonus Printables

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Printable activity sheets offer students additional opportunities to practice and develop critical skills.

Know the News Games

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With fun interactive games, students can quiz themselves or play against a friend to show what they learned from each issue.

iPad®  App

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Available exclusively to subscribers, our iPad app gives students easy access to each new issue of Scholastic News, along with exciting videos and interactive games.

Differentiated Learning

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Change the reading level of digital articles with the touch of a button. You can also access any grade level of Scholastic News Online to further differentiate instruction.

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