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Scholastic News for grades 5 and 6 combines compelling current events with amazing photos to bring teachers a magazine that’s as engaging as it is educational. Every issue includes in-depth support materials like lesson plans, writing prompts, and reader tasks that challenge students to analyze texts in the ways required by Common Core and state standards. With dynamic e-learning features like videos, games, printable skills sheets, and Text-to-Speech audio read-alouds, Scholastic News is so much more than a magazine. It's an entire print and online instructional program for less than $5 a student!


Digital Learning with Scholastic News

Digital Editions

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These easy-to-use online editions of the print magazine feature interactive content that brings the issues to life and grabs the attention of all students.


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Videos give students the opportunity to witness curriculum subjects in action.

Bonus Printables

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These additional reproducibles target specific skills to help students prepare for higher-level assessments.

Know the News Games

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Fun interactive games give students an opportunity to test their knowledge without the stress of a quiz.

iPad®  App

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Subscribers and their students get access to our exclusive iPad app that lets them read digital issues, watch videos, and play skills games.

Differentiated Learning

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Tailor your lessons with digital articles written at two reading levels and get full access to Scholastic News Online for grades 1 to 4 (perfect for your struggling readers).

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